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They're called vital signs for a reason--because they're vital.  Keep tabs on your vital signs with Age Line's Home Health Services.Perhaps you or an older loved one is having trouble bathing independently, or maybe you just never can seem to remember if you've taken your medication.  At Age Line of Cleveland, Ohio our home health aides understand that for the elderly and disabled, it's hard enough to read the small print on pill bottles, much less remember which pills you've taken, and which you haven't. To add insult to injury, pill bottlers have devised child safe containers that by pushing in, pulling out, and squeezing with an ironic twist, only children and safecrackers can open. Prescription medications can be vital to your health, but if trapped in the bottle, or taken at the wrong dosages, they can be more harmful than helpful. If you are looking to receive in-home medical assistance, consider calling on one of our highly qualified home health aides. Following an individualized initial assessment, you can schedule one of our home health care professionals to visit your place of residence and assist you with the monitoring your medications, vital signs, and with any other needs that you may have.

An Age Line provider checks the pulse of an Age Line client.  Monitoring one's health today can prevent large hospital bills tomorrow, so we encourage all seniors and those with disabilities to make sure that they take proper care of themselves, or find a  competent  provider of caregiving services.  We offer help with personal hygiene, hospital discharge assistance, medication monitoring, and blood pressure and vital signs monitoring.They say that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, and never is that more true than when stressing the importance of monitoring your vital signs with regularity. Often vital sign abnormalities don't have an immediate impact on one's health, but rather signal the emergence of underlying conditions which, if left unchecked, could have devastating long term consequences. Our home health aides are trained to help you watch your health so that irregularities can be caught, the root causes identified, and the problem dealt with before more serious conditions can develop. Age Line's trained and dedicated staff of homecare service providers are here to ensure that you receive care that is thorough, friendly, respectful, and convenient. ...It also never hurts to see a friendly face every once in a while.

Our services include:

  • Personal Hygiene
  • Hospital Discharge Assistance
  • Medication Monitoring
  • Blood Pressure Monitoring


Age Line's Home Health Services tend to the medical needs of seniors and those with disabilities.  Our trained home healthcare providers are friendly, reliable, and exceedingly competant.  They pay regular visits to our clients to help monitor their health and attend to their well-being, at their convenience, and in their own homes.