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Age Line Professional Liason Services

Age Line is now offering our professional liaison service. This service provides a link between infirm or frail relatives and loved ones who are unable to attend important sessions or medical appointments. In medical settings people are often intimidated by physicians and do not request clarification of physician orders, suggestions or recommendations. Age Line is now offering a doctoral level professional gerontologist to accompany your loved one into the appointment to ask for clarification, options and trajectory of the medical situation. After the appointment, our gerontologist reports the physicians’ findings and suggestions to the client and/or family in a non-medical and easily understandable format, thereby providing immediate and historical reference of the medical appointment.

Physician benefit:

  • Patient will gain an advocate during stressful appointments
  • Physician orders and patient’s understanding of medical condition is presented in a concise, easily understood format.
  • Patient gains a professional resource to explain or reiterate doctor’s orders/suggestions
  • Patients have a formalized and professional resource in place during times of crises.
  • Doctor recommendations are more likely to be followed with personal reminder call.

Patient and or Family Benefit:

  • Directives issued by physician are available for review with liaison at a less stressful meeting time.
  • Directives are available in written, layperson terms for review.
  • Moral support.
  • Liason will raise issues and clarify patient questions for physician so patient gains a more complete understanding of available medical options.
  • Loved ones will gain a sense of security knowing professional and competent assistance is available during stressful situations.