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Cleveland, OH 44135
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Employees at Age Line go through a rigorous screening process to ensure that they are persons of  the finest character.  Individuals willing to give so much of themselves to care for others deserve the best care we can offer in return, and we have nothing if not the deepest appreciation for all of our staff members.If you live in the Cleveland, Ohio area and are searching for a job that will fulfill both your need to make a difference and your need to make a living, call Age Line today! Join a dedicated team of trained healthcare professionals who understand quality care and who are determined to effect positive change in the lives of senior and disabled Clevelanders.

Providing caregiving services to the elderly and disabled can be challenging, but the rewards are beyond measure. Employment with Age Line is reserved for those committed to the notion that seniors and those with disabilties are no less vital than any other members of our community. Employees at Age Line believe that all life is inherently valuable, and that the respect we accord the aged and infirm among us is a guage--not only of how evolved we are as a society--but how decent and

Please only call if you live in the Cleveland, Ohio area, are genuinely interested in providing excellent, individualized care, and understand the meaning of committment. All job applicants are fingerprinted and subject to a thorough background check before being hired.

For more information about careers with Age Line, call:

Norma Robinette,
Chief Operations Officer
Phone: 216-941-9990