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If you are elderly or disabled and live in the Cleveland, Ohio area, the following list of resources should be of interest to you. Feel free to suggest a link if you know of other quality internet resources that specialize in providing valuable information to caregivers, seniors, or the disabled. We'll evaluate your suggestion for inclusion in our link library. Click a link below or any of the icons to the right to visit the associated resource.

The Ohio Department on Aging lists links to a host of resources for Ohio seniors, including directions to nearby senior centers, and information on the latest political news effecting Ohio's aging population. Visit the Ohio Department on Aging
National Family Caregivers Association (NFCA) "supports, empowers, educates, and speaks up for the more than 50 million Americans who care for a chronically ill, aged, or disabled loved one."Visit the National Family Caregivers Association
The Family Caregiver Alliance provides resources to help caregivers cope with the burdens of caregiving. They offer useful advice to caregivers, links to detailed medical factsheets on an array of conditions, as well as the latest in public policy issues that effect those charged with the task of caregiving.Visit The Family Caregiver Alliance
The Alzheimer's Associattion offers links to vital information about the disease, as well as myriad resources to assist caregivers and alzheimer's sufferers in coping with Alzheimer's.Visit the Alzheimer's Association
More information about Alzheimer's, and breaking news regarding treatments for Alzheimer's can be found at Medline Plus.Visit Medline Plus
Yet more information regarding the latest medical breakthroughs and research as regards Alzheimer's Disease can be found at the Alzheimer Research Forum.Visit the Alzheimer Reasearch Forum
Age Line is a proud member of the Better Business Bureau. If you are interested in bringing someone into your home to provide care, it is highly recommended that you first check their credentials with the Better Business Bureau. visit the better business bureau home page
National Alliance for Caregiving provides tips and support resources for caregivers.Visit National Alliance for Caregiving
The National Association of Homecare Online offers excellent coverage of political and legal issues that directly effect homecare workers, caregivers, and the recipients of homecare. Age Line is a proud member of The National Association of Home Care.visit the national association of homecare online
NextSteps is a rich resource of information for elderly and disabled individuals.click to visit NextSteps
AARP has a wonderful page dedicated to helping caregivers deal with the stresses of caregiving.click to visit senior friends
Phillips Lifeline provides emergency response equipment for seniors.click to visit lifeline.com
The Department of Senior and Adult Services for Cuyahoga County lists several valuable resources for local seniors including Home Energy Assistance programs, Benefits Checkup, and an explanation of Medicare and Medicaid benefits available for local seniors. Visit the Department of Senior and Adult Services
The American Cancer Society helps educate and support those living with or otherwise effected by cancer. American Cancer Society
Quit Day encourages smoking cessation.Quit Day