Age Line

4350 Rocky River Dr.
Cleveland, OH 44135
Phone: 216-941-9990
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Age Line Adult Day Services—History

After receiving her doctorate and masters degrees from Case Western Reserve University, Dr. June Pearce was determined to create a space within the community that would be dedicated to meeting the needs of older and disabled individuals. In 1994 Dr. Pearce realized that goal by founding Age Line, an adult day center that services the needs of seniors and handicapped individuals.

Four months after founding Age Line, Norma Robinette--our current Chief Operations Officer--joined Dr. Pearce in a very small three-room office in Rocky River. This would be Age Line Home Health Agency's headquarters for one year.

In January of 1996, Ms. Robinette and Dr. Pearce renovated a lovely Victorian home on Cleveland's west side. It would serve as both Age Line's home office, and a place where the elderly and those with disabilities could gather to engage in fun, therapeutic, and life-enriching activities, from educational field trips, to guest speakers, to physical strengthening and memory stimulation exercises. But our Adult Activity Center is only part of what we do.

If you're looking for help with light cleaning around your house, or a hand to help you in and out of the tub, we have a homemaker service to provide help around the house. If you're looking for a competant caregiver to check your vital signs and monitor your medications, you need look no further than Age Line's Home Health Services. Our home health aides and homemaker helpers provide reliable and courteous service both at the Age Line Adult Activity Center and in our clients' homes.

Additionally, Age Line's escorted transportation service runs a fleet of dependable vehicles dedicated to shuttling seniors and those with disabilities to destinations of their choosing. Our goal is to allow our clients to maintain the feeling of independence that comes with mobility. Naturally, escorted transportation to and from the Age Line Adult Day Services facility can be arranged.

Unlike most home offices, the Age Line facility truly feels like home. Far too many adult day care facilities more closely resemble sterile laboratories than meeting places. Age Line isn't a hospital, clinic, or nursing home. It is your home--from the fireplace, to the front porch, to the well lit, high ceilinged areas where Age Line visitors congregate. You will find that the surroundings are exceptionally comfortable, the people are wonderful, and the care is second to none. Quality adult day care is hard to find, so whether you're a caregiver looking for reliable day services for a disabled relative, or if--not getting around so well anymore--you'd just like to know that a helping hand is available when you need one, we encourage you to pay us a visit. The facility is fully handicap accessible, and our trained staff is always happy to assist you.

Serving Cleveland's west side, Age Line is a private pay service for the elderly and disabled, and has no affiliation with Medicaid or MediCare. Age Line clients are neither bound by contract, nor required to use Age Line's services for more than one hour at a time. It is our belief that you will return to Age Line because you have received the highest caliber of care, not because you have been roped into a long term caregiving contract. We truly appreciate our clients, and would be grateful to have the opportunity to serve you.