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About Our Gerontological Services

Age Line Home Health & Activity Center Proudly Introduces
Professional Liaison Service

Age Line is proud to offer a time saving tool for families with elderly or infirm members. Age Line’s Professional Gerontological Liaison Service maximizes the time spent with the physician by directing the discussion to pertinent and important issues; consolidating medical information and requesting clarification in medical situations. All medical information will be presented to client and family members in an understandable format with clear and concise information for reference, with client's medical history. As medical costs continue to soar, we need to utilize our medical resources wisely. Our Gerontologists will help with that task for an hour or as needed. We are happy to provide services to Independent Clients and Age Line Clients alike. No worry, Age Line never requires a contract, our clients remain loyal without one.

June Pearce Novatney

Bachelor of Arts, Baldwin Wallace College.
Doctor of Philosophy, Case Western Reserve University.

Specialties: Gerontology; Family Issues; Case Management Licensed Social Worker, State of Ohio.
Owner and Director of Age Line Home Health & Adult Day Center

Assessment of needs for independent living; Assisting client and family in decision making for long term planning; coordination of services.

Throughout Dr. Pearce’s educational career, she dedicated herself to finding ways to keep people as independent as possible. After graduation from Case, she founded Age Line Home Health & Activity Center. With Age Line’s assistance, countless seniors remain happily and safely at home. Dr. Pearce has found that with careful planning countless clients are able to maintain independence while aging in place. Through the successful development of Age Line, and in caring for her own parents, Dr. Pearce identified the complexity and confusion associated with navigation through the medical system, especially for people to whom the medical venue is unfamiliar.

Catherine King

Bachelor of Arts, Baldwin Wallace College.
Doctor of Philosophy, Case Western Reserve University.

Specialties: Gerontology; Research

Dr. King has experience in teaching and conducting research in the academic community and in marketing departments of long-term care institutions. As a researcher, she received grants from the National Institute of Mental Health to design a study that would teach physicians to recognize seniors who might be at risk. In addition, her publications examined issues in Doctor- Patient Communication and understanding the structure of medical institutions. Dr. King believes that the caregiving she provided for her mother for 15 years gave her insight needed to continue to help families and patients with the journey of aging. Within that time, her research and work contributed to her knowledge of trying to create a predictable environment. This predictability helps families untangle and understand the complex nature of providing care to others; thus increasing the family’s ability to secure the best care within the various medical venues.